Friday, April 27, 2012

Chosen Marathon

OK, I'm wrapping up WEEK 5 of my half marathon training. And this is why. The Chosen Marathon is in New Braunfels, TX on October 27th this year. It's a marathon and half marathon as well as an adoption celebration. Right up my alley. Except for this one tidbit...

I. don't. run. I don't exercise. This little half is like a big honking deal for me personally. But I can't really imagine a prettier time or place to do it if I absolutely must.

I always wonder what I look like when I'm running....

I'm looking for a team to join if you happen to be running or volunteering. You can raise money for your adoption, a friends', or an orphan care project. Anybody running? Obviously I'm going to want to wear a tutu as well.

Also, it's not too late to start training even if you are a sissy like me. If you start now you'll be go for October. Here's the schedule that I'm using (couch to half marathon). Don't make fun! :)

AND, entirely unrelated, but we got fingerprinted this morning! It was dead boring and anticlimactic, but I'm seeing the finish line!


  1. I'll run with you Beth! That sounds like an awesome one, and I've been needing some motivation to hit the pavement again!

  2. Ok, let me try this comment again.... OMG - My husband is a marathon runner and we live only 7 hrs away from this area, plus we have friends there, too!! I think you just might be able to count me in. I have needed a reason to get off my butt and do something! My husband just has to make sure it will fit into his work schedule, so he most likely will do it too! Thank you so much for sharing! Eric and I have already talked about doing something like this to help raise funds before, but it is awesome that there is a race already to help families raise funds for their adoptions!

  3. I will totally humiliate myself as I run about as fast as I walk! But we should totally make a team! It's going to be so cool to see everybody there!!!

  4. Oh! I am going to check Larry's youth group calendar to make sure we can do it. It had better be's my birthday!

  5. But, I should clarify...Larry will not wear a tutu.

  6. So is that 6 people so far?!? You need to make a Cupitt team so we can register with you! Also do you guys have a hotel pref? The hardest thing is getting hotel rooms, Ive learned from experience that you need to get the hotel asap! It would be fun to go to dinner together the night before or something too!

  7. Yes, we've got a bunch! But I think surely we'll be done fundraising by then. Anybody still going to be fundraising in October?

    But yes, you're totally right about getting together the night before and getting a room now. We always camp there or stay at my grandma's, but I'll tell you where we book.