Monday, February 18, 2013

New Week, New Family!

Hey guys!
I have such an awesome story to share with you this week.  First meet our family, the Whitvers.  Watch their story and then I'll share with you some crazy stuff that has happened since they submitted the video...

Ok, so when they made their video, they were waiting for the last piece for paperwork to come  for their little girl to be able to travel to pick her up (and they're still waiting for that) BUT- since then let me just tell you what God did in their hearts,  They were made aware of an older boy at the same orphanage as their daughter, he's 6 years old and when they heard that no one had inquired about him, they prayed and then they inquired about him and then...God told them YES! So now, they're bringing home two children! A little 2 year old girl and a 6 year old boy from the DRC! This literally happened like within a week, so it's no coincidence that their week on Give1 is this one...

So, with all that being said, we need to help this family to bring their TWO children home! 

This week maybe we can give $2 to save 2, what do ya think?!

Also, the Whitvers are doing two giveaways for their week! They will be giving away two origami owl lockets! Mom (Christy) will do a drawing for every person who donates during their Give 1 Save 1 Campaign and then 1 for everyone who "shares" our Give 1 Save 1 on their face book statuses. Super fun right? Here's a link to the Origami Owl site so you can dream about what you'd choose if you won ;)

You guys know the drill, it's time to give and share! Lets bless this sweet family! 



  1. Such amazing news!!!! Congrats to the Whitver family!!

  2. Love it. Love Give 1 Save 1. Prayers for this precious family!

  3. the Evans family LOVES you guys and all you are doing! Your BIG hearts are amazing!