Tuesday, February 19, 2013


"A right to a family is a basic human right."

Have you guys heard about STUCK that will be touring the US soon? It's a story that follows both families and their children as they navigate the sometimes sticky journey of international adoption.

"The film follows Tihun from Ethiopia, Nate from Vietnam, and Erickson and Therline from Haiti on their individual voyages from orphanages in their native countries to their homes with families in the United States. "

Check out their site to see if it's coming to a city near you! Or sign up to volunteer! I signed up to be an audience recrutier so basically, I get to get a ton of people to commit to coming to a showing :) See where you can be used and help be a voice for the families and children everywhere who are STUCK. 

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  1. i'm so excited about this film and wish it were coming closer to us!!!