Monday, February 25, 2013

New Week, New Family

Happy Monday!
Did you guys have a great weekend? We're a bit spoiled (ok really spoiled) over here on the west coast, our weekend was warm, sunny and clear. I feel the spring itch for sure! Ok, so you guys rocked last week with our family of the week and I can't wait to introduce to this weeks family, The Mauls! (they have to keep their blog private due to agency recommendation, so show them lots of love here :) )

The Mauls are our neighbors in the great north, Canada! They're hoping to bring home 2 children from the Congo! Their agency requires that they submit their referral payment when they submit their dossier, and they're working on that amount as we speak :) So lets rain some blessings down on them so they can bring their children home!

Another somthing fun, this week's family is an affilicate of teh She Does Justice Site!
Which means if you make a purchase through the link below, they'll get money for their adoption!


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