Thursday, February 14, 2013

They're Ba-aack

So, we've heard your cries, and we've come to deliever. Well sort of. We're delievering in pre-order form. That's right, it's time to get some new Give1Save1 Africa shirts! So, if you'd like to get a shirt please follow this link to head over to our store (or click on the button on the side that says 'Get Your Shirt!') Pick your size and boom, soon your order will be on it's way.  This week we're doing pre-orders, so the more shirts we can preorder-the faster you can get yours! And I was thinking, with Valentines Day being today, ask your hubby to get you this shirt! It's even in the shape of a heart, perfect for Valentines.

and ps, would you carry a Give1Save1 tote because maybe will get honest...


  1. I would totally get a bag (especially if it was big enough to be a little diaper-bag-ish)!

  2. I would totally carry a tote. I'm not a flowy tshirt kind of girl so yay!