Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rice and Beans

What's up, everybody?!! I'm so excited to tell you about rice and beans!!! It doesn't sound that fun, but I'm actually kind of stoked about it!

So have you heard of Lahash? They have several sponsorship headquarters in East Africa in Tanzania and Uganda where local kids are fed, educated, discipled and all around taken care of. They launched a brilliant project a few years ago called Rice and Beans Month. During the month of March you eat rice and beans instead of fill-in-the-blank and then donate the money you would have spent to Lahash's feeding program. Some people may choose their eating out money or some go all the way. I'm going the whole she-bang. Wine money too. I'll be eating beans and lentils and rice or another grain along with some veggies. Doing it this way is meant to be an act of solidarity in eating what they typically eat for most meals in Africa (and most of the world, for that matter).

I've been watching Rice and Beans videos all day getting amped up, but this one is actually one of my faves. This chick gets to the heart of why I want to do it. Having food as an idol is an issue for me, and I think it will be refreshing to recallobrate to a more basic way to eat. Also excess is a vice of mine. I'm eager to break free of some of my own issues, but even more enthused to tangibly stand with our brothers and sisters in Africa and help. I am actually really excited about celebrating the Lenten season this way.

If you're interested, head over to and learn more. There is a devotional available for purchase on Amazon for $5. I got that one to help out. And get this... the whole time we are fasting here in America on their behalf, they will be praying for us while we endure the month. I'm just pumped about the opportunities for growth. I'll be blogging about the month here once a week starting in March so you can follow along, but I'd love to have some buddies doing it too. Think about it!


  1. Beth - I am doing the challenge too :) It brighten my night to see someone else was joining the adventure. Looking forward to reading about your journey each week.

  2. Love this! Praying about it. Where do you find more videos?