Friday, May 3, 2013

Cupcake Day is Tomorrow!

Two reasons I'm celebrating today. One is over to the right side of your screen. Do you see that bar?! It's almost full!!! I'm so excited! This has been such an awesome week of sharing. Thank you to everyone who gave to the Marrs family, and everyone who shared. These people are surely loved and so is that little girl.

But my other reason is that Cupcake Day is tomorrow. First of all, let's just come clean about bake sale stands and lemonade stands, shall we? Have you ever done these with your kids? The truth is that kids can be really gross and you probably wouldn't want to eat anything that an actual child actually made. True? It just feels like we need to talk about this. OK, last year "Will" had a lemonade stand (parentheses because Will was quickly bored and we were quickly exhausted and out a few bucks). We do them quite often actually. So anyway, a cop comes by and asks for some lemonade. Will is, at this point, completely bored from sitting in the front yard for 20 minutes (sigh), and hardly responds. We are prompting him to use his manners, to stand up and get his customer some lemonade for-crying-out-loud, so he finally does. First he fills the cup up just a tiny bit and we tell him to give him some more. Then he fills it WAY up to the top. It's so full that as he walks over to hand the police officer his lemonade, it starts to spill. He then ***drinks the lemonade down*** so it's not so full before handing it to the guy.

look at this tongue! it's the first one, but you know he's going to lick it

i bet you saw that coming. did he double dip? oh, yes, he did

Abby often has "worm juice" on her hands. She's the worm whisperer and I have no idea how they come to her. You know like in Harry Potter they have Parseltongues (geek out with me for a second if you're a nerd like me), and all the snakes find the people that can speak to them. I think Abby's like that with worms. Anyway, as much as I like to keep her hands clean, you do not want to eat something Abby made for you. Just be polite and pretend.

For the purpose of this post I let the kids make and decorate cupcakes. They are likely dirty, germy, ugly, and oversprinkled. Tomorrow I will help, I promise. I'm even making pralines as my own contribution. I will hover over this thing and keep my kids out way past when they are "done". I will remind and remind and remind them that the money will collect is not theirs to keep even though Will will tell everyone "he's going to buy a laptop" with his earnings. He means "donate to imprisoned children in Africa". Sorry.

But still I'm pumped because there's something fun about a bake sale, right? I can't explain it. It sounds a tad silly, but the weather's nice and there's just something wholesome and fun about it. And when they get it right I just beam, you know? So I just told you some horror stories here, and ladies, you simply must comment. Don't leave me hanging like that. Do you do lemonade stands? Will you be doing cupcakes tomorrow? If so, send me your pics for next weeks' recap! And tell the real truth about it. You know you love the lemonade stand yourself!

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