Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lead Me To God-The God Puzzle

Ok so first off, since yesterday was Memorial Day, maybe some of you didn't get a chance to meet our family of the week since you were probably swimming, boating, BBQ-ing, ect. Well, don't forget to go meet them! They're awesome.

I have an awesome book I want to introduce you all too, since I know you're either 
1. a parent 
2. an expectant parent 
3. some how involved in the life of a child. 

Think systematic theology, kid style.  It's a book written about God and the Bible for kids! Something I've noticed as I'm picking up books for our little guys is that there just aren't many books that explain the Bible and teach about Jesus, yes we have the Bible but there are some tough subjects in there and just like we use other books to help us study God's word deeper, our kids need that too, and they need us to teach them.  I think as parents it's our biggest job to teach our kids about Jesus and His love. 

This book has the depth of a theology textbook, but it's presented in a way that is easy for children to understand.  What a great thing to go through with your kids over the summer and connect with them on a whole new level and watch their love and understand of God grow. 

I'm getting my copy..are you? 

They even have a Facebook page..go give it a like! 

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