Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Real Life Wednesdays

Last week we introduced you to our new series "Real Life Wednesdays" where we wanna feature some of our readers in their "real life" moments.  We've since gotten pretty techy and got an Instagram, I know, I know, we're big stuff now ; ) So you can head over and follow us (G1S1africa) and you can tag us in your real life moments this next week!

This week we're gonna show you Lindsay's real life moment..have you met Lindsay? She's blogs over at our G1S1 Caribbean site , go check out her story, they've had one heck of a year-show her some love. Anyway Lindsey tagged us in this pic

They've finally been i600 approved! So awesome! One step closer! That is real life my friends, waiting with each other through the hard times and rejoicing in the great times! We're so happy for Lindsay.

Did you have any #reallifemoments this week? I know you did. Share them with us! We'd love to share your moments with you!