Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Real Life Wednesdays, the inaugural post

Raise your hand if you more often then not, sit on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, twitter, ect and one of the following thoughts pop into your head.

"Man, there kids are always dressed so cute, why won't mine ever get out of their pajamas?"

"Wow, they post pictures of green smoothies every morning, I bet they never ever eat chick fil a or a big old greasy hamburger"

"Their adoption journey seems so easy, so simple, they never hit snags and all their paperwork seems (according to what you read online) to never have an issue."

"My house is never that clean"

"I have laundry that's been in the dryer to a week" (yep, that has me all over it, and yes, it's STILL sitting in there, I'll turn it on to fluff it up and then fold it..maybe..)

Or have you seen this pic? 
or better yet, is this you? 

Ok we all have those moments right? And we ALL know that no one is perfect, but why do we allow those negative thoughts to creep in?! It's ridiculous.

So, we're gonna start this weekly series over here on Give1, and don't get all freaked out that we said series, it's gonna be a fun series, where we basically get to show our whole Give1 family that we're normal and our life gets pretty messy!

Here's what we're gonna do, we're gonna have a little link up party.  Whenever you have one of "those days" we want you to write about it! Or Facebook status it up! Tell us and the world that you know wheat, we're not perfect but we're okay with it and we're gonna have fun with it! Every Wednesday we'll pick one of the "Real Life" moments of the week that has been linked up or that has been Facebooked (make sure you tag us) and we'll post it here so we all can encourage one another.

And this isn't just for moms, or even just if you're in the adoption crowd, we want to hear all your stories from whatever walk of life you're at!

Ok, I'll start..

My real life moment of the week:

Everyone has been applauding me on how fast how paperwork for our second adoption is going, truth: I thought I threw our NOTARIZED (you all know how important that is) doctors letter in the trash, on a Thursday (mind you trash day is Wednesday) so when I discovered on a Tuesday night that I thought I threw it out, I then went through like 6 days of trash-ice cream pizza, ranch dressing...I was IN the trash can for like over an hour.

Couldn't find it

Had a breakdown and thought life was over (I'm dramatic)

Opened the closet to get the vacuum

There it was.

I had put it safely in there so it wouldn't get lost..


We wanna know your real life moments! So, tell us and maybe we'll feature you!!!!

Leave a comment with the link to your blog in the comments section below


  1. love this! can't wait to see everyone's real life!

  2. I am so excited about this. It's one thing "knowing" you're not the only one, it's something else completely "seeing" that you're not the only one. I think I am going to add this as a weekly feature on our blog -> which is my #thisisreallife moment - sometimes it's just IMPOSSIBLE to be as consistent posting updates as everyone else out there. =]

  3. we should do some #thisisreallife instagramming :)