Thursday, May 30, 2013

Update on the McKnights..they need some serious prayer!

Hey guys remember the McKnight's? Well they're in Ethiopia picking up their daughter right now!

Traditional Ethiopian Dress, is this little girl not gorgeous?! Watch out Nate and Desiree, those boys will be knocking before you know it! 

Being silly with her dad..guys..she has a DAD now

Love it. 

If you haven't had a chance to read up on the McKnights story, you need to, God's moved some pretty major mountains and totally changed their path, its awesome. 

But they need major prayers right now! Here's a brief note from mom:

"Ok calling all prayer warriors....We have been in a paperwork nightmare the last few days but unsure of any details so not posting until we knew . We truly need your prayers right now. They may not clear Fitsum to come home tomorrow and we are beyond beside ourselves, in complete shock and heartbroken. But this is not done we have been fighting for her FOR DAYS. We have a formal petition in right now and wont know anything until tomorrow morning 10AM our time 3AM your time. Please pray they issue us a visa in the morning, please pray for all of our hearts as this has been the most trying time ever. BUT we serve a God who preforms MIRACLES and He has preformed miracle after miracle before our eyes! We know He is sovereign and He loves His children! He is behind us and before us and we are praising Him regardless of any circumstances at hand because He has already conquered this! IT IS DONE! If our God is for us who can ever stop us? !!! The God of angel armies is always by our side!"

Say a prayer for them, we want their daughter HOME!