Friday, May 24, 2013

I Walk for Water

Just wanna highlight this awesome book for you all that I found out about a while ago...and forgot to share! It's called "I Walk For Water" and it's a children's story about an African boys daily walk for water.  

So I did a little research about the author and she's a fellow adoptive mama! How awesome is that.  Anyway, I love that she choose to write a book about this crisis because it's a simple and easy way to introduce your children to the reality of our world and that there really are people who have no access to clean drinking water.  

Anyway, you can find your own copy here, check out their Facebook page here, and their blog here.

You really should go buy their book, I really don't think there are too many books out there 1. on this subject and 2. that are appropriate for kids...just think of the little seeds you could be planting reading this book to them... ; )

ps...say a prayer for us..we have a yard sale tomorrow for our adoption and we're praying God shows up BIG :)

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