Wednesday, August 31, 2011


well, i must confess that i do not know how to pronounce injera yet. the phenomenon astounds me. so this is a major bit of culture that i need to learn in order to smooth the transition from ethiopia to TEXAS. yikes. and my kids are sensitive to not only macaroni, but the BRAND of macaroni when we eat out. so i can only hope that my attempt at injera relays the message that i'm trying here. so, for those new to this word, i'll explain what i can and you guys fill in the rest. injera is a flatbread that is used in meals often. you can put all kinds of stuff on it, but it's their main staple carb, like our sandwich bread. like at least once a day. so that's maybe a big deal to try and master. it's a little bit like a sour pancake and  a vessel for delivering yummy stuff. i've found a million recipes and such that provide different ways of creating this food, but this is the one i'll be using to guide me in my attempt.  and you can be sure that when i get all my ingredients together that i'll be making it here so you guys can get a good laugh at my cooking.


  1. This looks delish!!! I want to come over for dinner when you make it:)

  2. Pronounced just like it looks. in-JEHR-uh.