Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3 Ways to Pray for the Mortellites

And now it's time for another installment of 3 Ways to Pray. Let's just take a second to pray for this sweet family and their process right now. 1. Pray for protection over our daughter in Ethiopia...pray that she can feel a sense of love from God and that she can somehow know there is a family waiting for her.

2. Pray for our hearts...this adoption journey has been difficult for us having known our daughter for over two years now, seeing her grow up in an orphanage and sometimes being discouraged knowing we're missing so much, but also trying to feel as though our story will be completed in God's perfect timing.

3. Pray for God's provision. When we look at the financial portion of our adoption process, it's amazing how much God has provided so far and we know we won't be able to climb the rest of the monetary mountain without Him leading the way.

Thank you so ridiculously much for your generous donations and spreading the word this week. The Mortellite family has been blessed with over $2100 towards their adoption and it's only Wednesday! Keep getting that word out. Lives are being changed here. Can you feel it?

Want to read more about this adorable couple? They're quite lovable, aren't they? Head over to their blog. They've got some fun stuff on there. And stop back tomorrow to see Kelly's favorite holiday recipe in action. I'm cooking it tonight!

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