Monday, November 21, 2011

Super Cool Slings

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The adoption world tosses around the 'attachment' word a lot. Like alot alot.  Truth is we all need help "attaching" to our kids and keeping that bond strong. I'm reading so many books about how to foster attachment with your adopted child, but honestly I'm finding all this stuff ridiculously helpful bonding with my birth kids. Of course I read all kinds of stuff like this when I was prego with my kids. And everybody under the sun recommends some kind of baby back pack to hold your bambino while you go about your daily business. Literal attachment. :) For babies, there are a ton of options. Wraps, back packy contraptions, and slings... I was a sling girl myself. These slings by Seven make me want a baby all over again. When my babies were small enough to wear in a sling my hair did not look like this and neither did my belly or arms...huh, weird...

Experts recommend that you hold and snuggle the toddlers and older kids as much as possible as well. This one by Ergo is BY FAR everyone's major top dog preference for giant toddlers and preschoolers. They aren't as cute as the slings. I know. But they're practical. I could probably carry my grandma in one of these suckers. And everyone says they're really comfy. And the color's not bad. They even have some Petunia Picklebottom prints. This is the route I'll probably be going.

Then they're a wrap style. There's some serious versatility in these. I love how the African women carry them on their back. Duh! Why don't we do that? How many times have I had awesome intentions to carry around my kid in a sling and then had my household duties nixed because the sleeping baby was in the way. You can't really chop onions with a six month old reaching for your knife. So anyway, those African ladies have one on us with the whole rucksack carry. Here's a good little tutorial on how to pack your baby like a proper Ugandan.


Rachel and Jesse are adopting two bambinos, so they're going to have to get used to using some of these things. Some of those Seven slings are manly enough for a guy I think. By the way, you guys ROCKED OUT day 1 of the Leos Give1 week. That was record breaking wildness. Thank you so much for everyone who has donated. You guys are awesome. Have I told you that lately?

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