Monday, November 7, 2011

What's in Your Bag of Tricks?

Hey guys, me again. For today's little installment of Peaceful Parenting I'd like to open a discussion. I want to know what's in your bag of tricks. The truth is my bag is sparse. It's often large, often forgotten, and usually feebly packed. SO when attempting a peaceful venture out in scary public, what do you bring to smooth the journey?


  1. My whip lol! Timing is key with the little one. If he's fed, changed and not wanting a nap, we're good. That will change here very soon as he gets older though. The other two, a pep talk about the expectations of what I expect out of where we are going. That way, if they get off track, I can gently remind them :).

  2. Jen, that cracked me up! My bag is also sparsely packed. Which means they usually end up playing with my cell phone, which I hate, or eating an entire container of sour breath mints! :)

  3. I know, I could use some tips too! With my 1.5 year old she needs a snack that takes her a LONG time to eat, like little crackers, cheerios. This actually works with the 4 year old too :) Also, I have a couple of toys that ONLY come out for church or long car trips, etc so that they are still kind of new and exciting. Oh and I am totally with Jen on the pep talk beforehand and noticing good behavior while it is happening to encourage it to KEEP happening.