Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seems Familiar.

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I love this illustration and it's one of my favorite verses ever, though I'm pretty well positive CS Lewis doesn't get to take the credit for it. He said a lot of wise things, but this one sounds familiar... :)

Anyhoo, I thought I'd let you know how the week is going with our Family of the The Week, the Daigles. They have raised, at this point, around $500 (*update. make that well over $700!) towards their adoption and are so happy about it, guys. But I thought maybe we could go a little further and pray for them during their adoption as well. So I asked Mama Daigle what areas she could use prayer in and here's what she said:
Pray for our kids! This would include praying for our new little guy, wherever he is, for safety, provision, health, all of the things you are praying for your little ones. Also be praying for our four dudes 'back at the ranch.' This will be a big change for them as well. Pray for them to be ready when the big changes start coming.

Pray for patience. We just got off the conference call with AWAA-Ethiopia. It was the kind of information I love...processes, details, flow-chartable kind of stuff. I love the details and I am typically obsessed with the How's and Why's. I'm the kind that needs patience.

Pray for funding. I'm cleaning an office building twice a week and keeping a friend's child. All of those pennies are adding up. Pray that God keeps providing ways to add pennies in the bucket!

I would love it if we could just stop what we're doing and go to God in prayer right now on behalf of the Daigles and all their boys, the birth mother of their soon to be son, and the authorities that help make this adoption possible. And if you haven't given to their adoption yet, there's still time for a few more days. Click right here to donate to help bring Micah home.

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