Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Girly Girl Room

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zebra giraffe

So let me give you another little update. I know I sound so wishy washy telling you guys all this stuff, but I vowed to keep you posted every step of the way of our adoption. Some people want to see the play by play of how it all goes down. So here's what's new. We finished our home study Monday night. And though we had decided to go younger than our youngest at the suggestion of experts we have decided to open our request to also include older than our youngest, but younger than our oldest. Wrap your head around that. It basically means she might be younger than Abby or she might be in between Will and Abby. So she'll be age 1-5 at the time of referral. And I'm pretty sure that's final because now our social worker will draw up papers and make it super official. SO, that means a girly girl room for my little ones. I imagine they will share a room eventually, though I'm thinking she'll probably be in our room for a while. But I'm still decorating for a shared little girls room. And with that, I'm pretty smug with what I've come up with. I'm not a huge fan of themed rooms, but I can't help myself. Abby LOVES animals and all I know about my Ethiopian child at this point is that she's a little girl and she's from Africa. That's all I got so far. So based on that, I did a theme room. I did. That's so embarassing for me to say. I usually steer clear, but I couldn't help myself. It's African animals inspired by the art at Papaya. The have beautiful, calming colors and plenty of glitter. Here's the pinboard I've got going for it.

When I discovered this rug from Flor and that it matched the art... well, it's a done deal. This room is the final decision. Let the shopping begin.

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Speaking of girly girls, I know a set of little ladies that are on my mind this week... Sweet Natalie and her soon-to-be sister. We've raised several hundred dollars so far towards the Bowmans adoption. I have a sweet idea. Give a dollar for all your sisters and daughters. All the girly girls in your life. And then let them know that you gave in their honor today. :)

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  1. i'm in LOVE with the room. Can't wait to sit in there!