Monday, October 3, 2011

Don't look now, but it's time to shop.

Yep. It's October, which is almost November, which is almost December. So no one can deny that it's time to shop. Want to see me use a big word? Here it is. Sustainability. This week we are talking about supporting sustainability in our Christmas shopping. I feel so smart right now. Sustainability is when our money not only fills a need, it does so in a way that will keep going beyond the immediate need. It's the sort of thing that spreads HOPE.  Let me provide a prime example. Noonday Collection. I found this site through Wynne Elder, one of our upcoming mamas. She's a Noonday Ambassador and now I'm dreaming of being one too now. Another day, another day. Today we shop. Let me showcase a few awesome pieces real quick and then tell you why you should shop here. Click on the pic to go see some more.

Kampala with Love Necklace

This one is my first time purchase. I thought I'd start my Christmas shopping last week and this one caught my eye immediately. But I think it's mine. It wants me. How am I going to give this stuff away? Anyhoo, it was made by a woman named Coral. Read her story here on the Noonday blog. A portion of the purchase goes to her.

Quarry Checkered Infinity Scarf

I'm sort of in love with this one too. It's an infinity scarf so you don't have to know how to wrap one. I'm sort of ridiculous when it comes to wrapping a scarf.


These sandals can have a different fabric every day and can be wrapped a gazillion ways. Ok, so sandals for Christmas might be weird for some of you guys, but I live in Texas and sandals are 10 months out of the year.

Daughter's First Diamond

This is the Daughter's First Diamond Necklace. Do you have any idea how sexy my husband would be if he bought this for my daughter? Quite.

Just one more pic. You have to check out the site because I could put a picture of all their products on this blog and that would be super weird so I won't. But one more.

Patchwork Clutch

I think I'm going to have to go with the patchwork clutch. But just do yourself (and a bunch of other people) a favor and go on over to Noonday Collection.

Now let me tell you why you can feel good about doing such a thing. Noonday portions out their profits in such a fair and fantastic way. Some money goes to orphan care, some to the consultant (Wynne is one of our upcoming adoptive moms, so her portion is funding her adoption), and some to the women who make the products. That, my friends, is a crazy awesome Christmas gift.

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  1. I love this! The items are very beautiful!