Monday, October 3, 2011

new week, new cause

Hey guys,

Time to gear up for a new week! This week we're supporting our project of the month, Awake and Alive. Let me tell you a little about what Awake and Alive is doing for orphans. Danielle and Jolene are two mamas who have both adopted from Ethiopia. While they were there they really developed a heart for the children who weren't in the orphanages. Not all of the children don't have parents. Some parents are sick and the children have to lead the household.  Some are left home while their single mothers make a living collecting and selling sticks. They are gone for up to seventeen hours a day and those babies are alone. Sometimes very small children caring for infants. There's no one to watch out for them. This village is so poor it is thought to be cursed, so even the government won't offer any assistance. Awake and Alive is a nonprofit founded by Danielle and Jolene, two moms just like us. And they are opening a school there in September of 2012. Education is the key ticket out of extreme poverty. We all know that. But this school is going to provide much more than that. It will be a safe place for the children to be. A place with safe adults and hot meals. I want to be a part of making this happen! Don't you?

Give to Awake and Alive right here. It's their blog. Just look on the right hand side and you'll see the donate button. Sorry about the extra click, but it's easy peasy and I'm working on getting the direct Paypal code. I'm just super slow this Monday morning! My bad!

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  1. Sent my $1 to an awesome organization! Go Danielle! :)