Thursday, October 20, 2011

Peaceful Parenting: The Morning Series, part 2. The Coffee Bar.

Hey! Want to see my bedroom? It's totally relevant. I know it's a dark cave, but I like that in bedrooms.

Want to know why I'm showing you my bedroom? OK. It has to do with peaceful parenting. Ready?

You know how I usually (ok, still often) wake up? To someone in my house saying "Mooooooom". Do you know how bad that sucks to wake up like that every day? I bet you do. I'm not fond of that first plea from the depths of my unconsciousness. Sure, it's nice to be needed, but a girl's got to sleep. I started thinking that life would be alot more peaceful if I didn't wake up on everyday. You know what I mean? That it would be nice to be awake before being thrust into the day unwillingly. But how? How can I wake myself up without waking everyone else up? That would defeat the point. I bought a coffee pot with a timer, but when the coffee started brewing in the kitchen and I would wake up and go turn on the light, fish around in the fridge, and bang around some mugs, the kids would be up too. So we did this. It's a little bit brilliant.

We set up a little Starbucks in my room. Now the timer is set and coffee starts brewing right there in my room. A few of my favorite mugs are in there. And some girly creamer that my husband won't touch with a ten foot pole.

And as an added bonus, once the coffee starts brewing I make my bed and get dressed. So by the time the coffee is done, I'm good to go. And then I get to sit there alone and drink my coffee and do my Bible study early and ready. That, girls, is a totally peaceful morning. Unconventional, maybe, but it's working wonders. By the time those little bodies wake up and need me, I'm ready and charged.

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  1. I am so excited mainly because of the giant beautiful picture you finally put up in your room. My mind is still on the yogurt mason jars and now you throw me for a loop and now I need a coffee bar. Wow Beth this is a wonderful idea. I love the multi task BLOG!!! We are still giving to people in need and helping our own homes as well!!!