Monday, October 24, 2011

New week, new project

UPDATE: Hew's our running total for the week. So far we're at $206!!!

Hey ladies,

It's no secret that I'm a big Noonday Collection fan. Though I will always encourage you to shop there, that is not the focus this particular week. It's our Project Week, and Noonday is doing something so cool that we are going to help them if that's alright with you. Noonday normally sells jewelry and a few home goods, but they are now opening a new line of products. Ten women will now be attending sewing school to learn to make new products for Noonday. And I'd love to sponsor at least one of them.

So we're starting out by sponsoring Asha. She's a 28 year old widow. She has 2 biological children and has also taken in her sister's children when she died. We need at least $180. That's easy peasy for us, right?! Allowing Asha to learn how to sew will teach her a skill that she can use for income all her life. Want to know why work matters (alot)? You must read this post. So, let's send Asha to school, give her a chance, and give those sweet little bodies a life that they deserve. Donate just this week by hitting the red donate button on the top right hand side. OR join the Dollar Mob so you never miss the opportunity to bless a family adopting from Africa or a beautiful project like this.

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