Sunday, October 30, 2011

Say Hi to the Martinez Family!

New week, new family. This is my favorite part of the week. Starting fresh with a new family to bless! So this week we'll be blessing the Martinez family. They have two kids, Maddy and Ben, and are adopting two more. Sibling sets often have a lower chance of being adopted, so it's always nice to see a family willing to take in more than one! BUT it's also more expensive, so we want to make sure we're giving this week so we can really ease that burden. Hop on over to hear from Mom and Dad on their choice to adopt.

And remember, there are more ways to give than one! You can join the Dollar Mob, donate directly to the Martinez family, or you can do a little Christmas shopping in the Give1 Shop. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to provide one more way to give too. It's kinda fun stuff!


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