Monday, October 31, 2011


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A couple of updates for you.

#1. The Martinez family is killing it with over $500 in ONE day! That's insane. That's fantastic! You guys are amazing! Keep it up! Those Martinez siblings will be here before you know it.

#2. We have an update too. Today was our first home study. I told you guys I'd keep you posted, so here goes. You know how we wanted two older girls? Yeah, that's apparently not going to happen. Not anytime soon anyway. Our social worker thinks that younger will be better for us since we have such little ones already (3 and 6). It was hard to hear, I'm not gonna lie. I had a picture painted in my head of what our family was going to look like, but she had a million good reasons for us to change our game plan. And she's the expert and we're going to heed her advice on this one. So it looks like the next member of the Cupitt tribe will look more like one of these adorables. We are going to be adopting one 4 or 5 year old girl. And we're actually really excited. I mean 4-5 year old girls are pretty darn cute. It's just different than we planned. But that's ok. God has the right child for us and we're going to find her. She's just shorter than we anticipated.

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  1. So excited for you all!! Our social worker brought a lot of things up that I had never thought of, too.. I guess that's why they're so good at what they do!