Sunday, March 11, 2012

Africa's Family of the Week

Hey guys,

Just to keep you  up to speed (and myself as I figure all this out) we have added Haiti and Asia to our line-up of adoptions that we support. So far we don't have any families ready to roll besides our African families, but when we do they'll have a day to themselves. Feel free to donate to any or all that you feel led to. I'm so excited about the growth and variety that we're seeing here!

Now, on to our family of the week. The Thompsons are this close to picking up their 4 year old little boy from Ethiopia. Let me let Mom tell you a little more about it:

We started this process like most families ready and willing to wait patiently on a list until we got a referral.  However as we were finishing our home study a little guy caught my attention on our agencies waiting list.  We prayed for him to find a family and as a month went by started praying more for him and the family that was going to adopt him.  One night as we were praying for a family to open their hearts to adopt him I could feel the Lord telling me, "you are the family your praying for".  After that we were forced to ask ourselves why we were adopting to begin with....was it for ourselves?  Or was it for God?  And if it was for God, like we said, we knew we had to trust Him with it.  

We got our son's referral three weeks later and about a month after finished our dossier.  Then 10 months after we applied to adopt we found ourselves flying to Ethiopia to go meet our son.  Our process has gone super fast.  CRAZY fast in any adoption.  Especially international adoption.  We are grateful at every opportunity the Lord has given us to fund raise and we are blessed that so far He has supported us through this journey.  

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Another cool tidbit about this family... Desiree makes all kinds of cool stuff in her shop, Hannah James. She partners with an adopting family each month and donates 45% of the profit to that family towards funding their adoption. You can find out more on her blog, which will be doing a giveaway every day this next week, so don't miss it!

UPDATE*** So far we're up to $949 for this family!


  1. Good Luck! I loved your video!

  2. You should look up "The Home of God's Love." It's a great orphanage in Taiwan that help out Christian couples who can't have bio-kids.