Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Week, New Family... Oh, and New Blog, too

Hey Everbody,

Happy Sunday! Let me introduce you to our family of the week, the Gregory family. Gina and Brandon have been waiting for a referral for a 0-24 month old boy from Rwanda for actual years, y'all. And now Rwanda is on the verge of shutting down and it's time for them to figure out the next step. But they won't be stopped! They are starting from scratch in Ethiopia! This week your encouraging comments are appreciated every bit as much as your donation.


And if you've got an extra dollar to spare, good news. I know just where to spend it. Head on over to the new Give1 Save: Haiti site. This week we're helping to fund Gina's good friend, Jen Hatmaker's Haitian safe house. We'll get that baby built yet! I hope you aren't terribly bothered that I'll now be asking you for $2 a week. I love that we are growing and just as I'm asking you to help support Haitian adoptions, I'll be asking them to support ours, and it's just going to turn into a big group hug. Please help spread the word. And stick around this week. We've got amazingly brilliant posts from Jen Hatmaker, Lara, the Farmer's Wife, and Emily Anderson coming at you this week.

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  1. dear Gregorys,
    just wanted to tell you a little story. my son had a project at school where the students had to create their own business, then donate 50% to their small private school - the rest was theres to do with what they wanted. the week we started the business I told him about give1save1 and he decided that the other half of his proceeds would be given away to as many families as he had a dollar for over the weeks. he is 11 years old and loves african kiddos like crazy!
    our hearts are very much in africa and we spend a month in zambia when he was 7. we too hope God will allow our family to adopt from africa as well. many doors have closed for me as a single parent, so i do understand the pain of that. we will pray for you tonight and ask God to move swiftly and make ease of the new road you will travel. i think we are "neighbors" from the pink anc tshirt i spotted in your video : )
    here's hoping we run into you and your sweet son one day at the grocery store.