Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Scene, Not Herd

Allow me to introduce you to a fun little shop I just found, Scene, Not Herd. Holly Doden is an adopting mom using her site to fundraise to get her little one home from the DRC. Check out the awesomeness in the shop. I could sit here and attach all the pictures, but that would be silly. Just go check it out! Trust me.

Africa Necklace 14k Gold

Camera Necklace Hand Stamped Charm

Lantern Shine Necklace

Pocketwatch Necklace with Citrus Flowers

And this one's a pocket watch too. Looks like I'll be making my Mother's Day list right here. Hint hint, Honey (ahem, the gold Africa necklace). If you're as smitten as I am with this shop, then I have good news for you. Holly is giving all of us free shipping! Just use the code GIVE1SAVE1 at check out.

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