Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Random, But Awesome Stuff

There is no rhyme or reason to this post! Just a bunch of stuff you need to know. Here we go.

#1. You might be missing some killer awesome giveaways. The Hoke family, our Africa family this week, have been doing some pretty cool giveaways on their blog. Today is a beautiful handmade batik sling bag, your choice. I have my eye on the turquoise one! Go check out the giveaway and get entered! Details here.

2. The Haiti house that we've been working on all month is almost entirely funded!!! Go you guys!!! There is still one more day to donate. Tomorrow our first Haiti adopting family will be taking over the Paypal button. If you're late to the party you can always donate to the Haiti Safe House HERE.

3. The Mowens are one of our first dear families. I love the week they had on here and their wild story. It's got God's hand all over it. They've actually been home for a few weeks now with their new boys, but if you are adopting soon and need to navigate those awkward waters of the first weeks, let me point you to Tara's gentle post regarding friends and family and their role in the early stages. It's perfectly worded. I've heard a bunch of people say "Can I just copy that?". Add me the that list.

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