Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Am I the only nut who loves Spring Cleaning? I just love the sense of freshness and renewal that Spring brings…from the dewy air to knowing that the neglected corners of my house are now dust bunny-free.

I must admit I love cleaning, because I love my cleaning products. I can’t stand to clean with harsh chemicals, and I just love the selection of gentle cleaning products on the market today. They smell great, and they are cheap (at least the way I use them).

First up, I heart Method Wood Floor Cleaner. It smells like almonds, and it does a great job cleaning with NO residue. I dilute my cleaner with water (1:1 ratio) to make it last longer and to tone down the scent. You just squirt it right on your floor and mop it up with a washable microfiber mop cover. You can get this for $4 or $5 at Lowe's and other retailers. With dilution, a bottle will last you a couple dozen mops.

Next, I might be addicted to Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products. I have the Lavender and Geranium hand soap refills, and I honestly love to wash my hands because of it. But the real gem is the concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner. For $7, you can get a 32 oz. bottle of this powerful stuff. I pour just a splash into a spray bottle, fill the rest with water, and I have a great-smelling cleaner that is safe to use on granite. A 32 oz. bottle lasts me 8-10 months. (Maybe more…I just can’t remember the last time I bought the stuff.) Mrs. Meyer’s products are made with natural ingredients, and the smell is seriously amazing.

Caldrea products are very similar to Mrs. Meyer’s – in fact they are made by the same company. Check out the Ginger Pomelo for a really fresh scent.

You can also make your own all natural cleaners for a completely non-toxic, budget-friendly option. Check out this site for lots of ideas, including lavender scented vinegar.

There! I just made cleaning a little less of a chore, and I put a little more money in your wallet to donate to the family we’re supporting this week!  

Oh, and don't forget to start cleaning out your closets and basements for the Give1 Garage Sale on March 24!


  1. thanks, lindsay! geranium is my go-to spring smell, but i need to try the new one!

  2. These sound like awesome products! Once we exhaust the cleaning products we have, we're moving to all-natural stuff that we make ourselves (with apple cider vinegar, etc.)

  3. I can't find the Bluebell anywhere around here, but the description alone sounds amazing. Ahhh....

  4. you know i think there is something bizarrely appealing in the smell of vinegar. i think it smells like my aunt cleans. the smell of a seriously clean house.