Thursday, March 1, 2012


In honor of this week's family, adopting from the Democratic Republic of Congo, I was planning on writing a cultural tidbit about DR Congo. Despite never having traveled there, I figured I could put together some interesting information. And one day, I will.

But tonight, while I was watching this video, I saw something that made me VERY excited. See, in Ethiopia, there is a cultural norm that I just love. A way for people to "say" yes, or acknowledge what you are saying, is to open their mouth a little bit, inhale quickly making a short gasping sound and raise their eyebrows at the same time. I just love this, and of course adapt it myself while in Ethiopia. Here's the cool thing, though: I saw a guy in the video from the DR of Congo do the same thing!

The origin of this is completely unknown to me, but I find it so fascinating that two African countries share this unique mannerism.

Still trying to figure out what I'm talking about? Check out one of our toddlers, Nuru (roll the r), demonstrating it for the camera. He's followed up by Yemamu, our friend, who I'm pretty sure thinks it's hilarious how excited Keely, another physical therapist, was.


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