Thursday, March 15, 2012

Real Food.

You know, we plan on making ethnic food, food that might remind our little ones of where they came from. The funny thing is that recipes are so different. Here or there. Your chili recipe is not my chili recipe and if you eat someone else's chili it might really be a surprise. So while we navigate the recipes for their native food and preferences, let me suggest an alternate focus.

Jen Hatmaker said in her guest post last week that though she intended to make injera all the time, whole, natural foods were what he kids needed.

You are going to have good luck with whole foods. Our littles didn’t even know what processed food was. They eat like sane people in Ethiopia, meaning, well, real food. You know, that was grown. Our kids ate eggs, avocados, tropical fruit, beef, chicken, sweet potatoes, and stuff like that until I figured out how to cook some of their favorites. Your son can eat ten avocados a day for three weeks and live. Um, I’ve heard.

That makes perfect sense. Really our kids should be eating more of that anyway. So in an attempt to do revamp the grocery list around here, I found this site and used the free menu plan (week 4). It's been fantastic. First of all, my grocery bill was $148. That's unheard of for us. And it's the whole week! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. That's crazy! If I'm honest, the whole grain baking is not awesome for me yet. And I cheated a little. I know I'm supposed to make the granola myself, but I can't really see that happening. Instead I bought some natural, organic stuff that had no funky stuff in the label. So hopefully, while I wait (and wait and wait) for the latest Cupitt to debut, I can prepare the rest of us for eating stuff that comes from the actual Earth.

*our favorite recipe so far: pork carnitas tacos with tomatillo salsa. photo via {100 days of Real Food}* Go now! Make this! Though I will admit that I bought the tortillas. Again, can't really see making my own tortillas at this point, but we're making strides. 

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  1. thislittlelightofmineshinesMarch 16, 2012 at 10:46 AM

    Nutty Granola Recipe I get the girls to help me make every month. You can so do this Beth!!!