Friday, March 2, 2012

"Do Your Baby's Hair"

Did y’all see Grey’s Anatomy last week? I’ve been hooked on Grey’s lately because of the adoption storyline (Meredith and Derek adopted Zola from Malawi). Anyway, during last week’s episode, Derek was getting disapproving looks from women in the hospital when he was holding Zola. He thought those looks were about his biracial family. He was wrong. Bailey finally told Derek, “Do your baby’s hair!” She proceeded to teach him about African hair.

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Well, I hate to admit this, but I had no idea what a “kitchen” was either, at least when it comes to hair. So I hopped on my computer, and I’ve been glued ever since to Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care. For all you adopting mamas out there, I strongly encourage you to check it out. It has great tips for beginners, establishing routines, the finer points of sleep caps and styling products, and a great design gallery. (Personally, I think “free hair” is just adorable, but perhaps maintenance will someday change my mind.)

Also, just as moisture is important to black hair, it’s important that girls learn to love their hair from a young age. My dear friend Shanti sent me a link to this fabulous video a while's pretty adorable (and darn catchy).

Seriously, I'm sorry you can't stop singing "I love my hair."


  1. i can't stop singing it either. :)

  2. LOVE Rory at CHVC. She is amazing!

  3. I just discovered this site on Wednesday! I have been obsessed! Im with you I love the Free Hair look! Its presh on Emme!

  4. OH man, I remember watching that episode and thinking, "oh, I hope Im not that parent!" I have been researching taking care of African American hair since. I have been loving Chocolate Vanilla Hair Care since finding it! We are currently waiting for a courtdate. We have a sweet little girl waiting for us in Ethiopia:)