Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Did Someone Say Updates?

Thanks for all your recent feedback about the content you’d like on Give1! We love the family updates, too. So without further ado…

The Wayman family was one of the first families on Give1. Well, they are in Ethiopia, meeting their son as I type this! They began their journey in late 2010. They got their referral in January 2012, and they are now preparing to stand in court and accept him as their son.

The Whitis family is also one of the earlier Give1 families. Their family story is quite heartbreaking. But they’re all smiles now, as a family of four! They got pregnant just after starting the adoption journey! And exactly a year later, they got a referral of an adorable little guy they have named Eli. They just returned from Ethiopia for their court date. Check out the pictures and video…what a beautiful family.

Finally, the super sweet Hapner family got their referral for a boy in November. They’ve been anxiously waiting for their case to get submitted to court, so they could finally be a step closer to meeting their boy and becoming his parents. Well, it finally happened, and they should be getting on a plane in the coming weeks.

It’s so great to witness the mountains we’re all moving by supporting these families and their little ones…little ones who finally have the love they deserve. Thank you all for giving, praying, spreading the word, and spreading the love.

And one more update: the Hill family is now $1990 closer to their daughter. Incredible! That's one round-trip flight to Ethiopia! Can we get both Hill parents there?

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