Friday, May 25, 2012

The Wait - Day 6 (Don't Laugh)

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Some people have a short wait and some people have a long wait. It all just depends on  who you’re adopting (and a million other teeny bits of information). But I can tell you from experience that each day we go on with life and each day half of your brain is willing that phone call. I’m wondering if my foreign born child is born yet. Still with parents? Already in the transition home? Paperwork on my family coordinator’s desk? Maybe she’s just out to lunch and then she’ll call me when she gets back. Maybe. Or maybe he’s not born yet.

Well, here I am almost one week into The Wait. Our agency won’t keep a public list of “who’s next in line” so our Yahoo group has attempted to take on the task. Only problem is that it’s totally inaccurate and there’s just nothing that anybody can do about it. Some people aren’t on the Yahoo group so they don’t get put on The List. Some are, but maybe don’t mention that they are open to special needs, so that skews it. Every week everyone goes and checks The List to see if anyone has moved over to the Received Referral party, therefor bumping us all up one spot. But remember it’s totally inaccurate so you never really know where your spot is. So actually the whole thing might just make you loco. And even if it were accurate and we were number one in line it still wouldn’t mean jack because it all comes together like it’s going to anyway. Only God knows what day is our Referral Day, but still I wake up every morning and think maybe today. Probably not. But one of these days it will be today. I actually hope it’s not today today because my kitchen is sort of smelling funky and we have this plan to throw and impromptu party on Referral Day. And I don’t think I’m up to it today. Maybe tomorrow. Probably not though.

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