Sunday, May 6, 2012

Feel Free to Forward to Your Husbands

***a quick little side note for everybody: i usually post the new family of the week on sunday, but it's started to eat up my sabbath, so this week marks the switch to mondays. look for the new family of the week tomorrow midmorning!***

Dear patient husbands,

This is a letter from a crazy woman on behalf of your wife. Mother's Day is coming up. It's actually next weekend. Some of you gentlemen already have birth kiddies so you know the drill. But some of you are waiting on your first little bundle of joy. I just want to save you some grief here. I need you to know that this Mother's Day totally counts. Maybe you thought it didn't if you're an adopter and maybe your newest little member is not in your home yet. Maybe you don't even know their name yet. Maybe you're still paperchasing. But Dad, regardless, we're paper pregnant and it totally counts. The crazy might not come from hormones, but it's deep, and we really need you to acknowledge our maternal bliss next week. Do you need some ideas? Ok, that's cool. We're big into Africa right now, so maybe a nod to our darlings home would be appropriate. Us chicks love Etsy. Here's some good finds. Click on the picture for the link (and order today and nobody gets hurt).

Heart in Africa Car or Laptop Decal - supports adoption

Uganda Adoption Love - Heart on Globe 8x10 Photo print

Hope Bracelet Tribal Africa Etched And Patina Cuff Earth Day

World Roots Map 18x24 Customized Print (Beige)


  1. I just told my husband that I NEED that laptop decal for Mother's Day!! Thanks so much for posting these! :)

  2. Awesome! I love that decal and everything out of that shop funds another African adoption. A sweet set of twins, I think!

  3. theflanneryfamilyMay 6, 2012 at 9:51 AM

    Love this post. Will surely forward this to my hubby :-)