Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good Morning. Here We GO!!!

Ok, guys! Ready to do this thing?! I hope you were here yesterday for the prep for today. I'm praying that God will move mountains and use US to bless Greenlight in Addis. When one child gets sponsored, I'll post the next one. I'll be doing this til 5pm today. I hope you've been praying! Open your heart and you'll recognize a special face when the Spirit nudges you. And stick with me today! We're going to be praising and celebrating with each child and that whole community! I'm expectant and hopeful today! What about you?!

First up is the ever so darling Hiwot. I mean, seriously, melt my heart! Would you like to sponsor her? Pray for her every day? Would you like to be the one to make sure that this sweet face has a coat when it gets really chilly and a meal in her belly? If not you, can you help me find someone for her? It's time to put Facebook to good use! Email me when you're ready at b.cupitt@yahoo(dot)com.

***Hiwot is being sponsored by The McBride Family*** 

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