Monday, May 7, 2012

New Week, New Family

Hey Everyone,

Sorry to throw you a curveball with the families being on Monday now! I had always intended to do that, but started sneaking in Sundays and then it became the norm. But my Sundays got away from me too. So my first totally chill Sunday was really nice. Try it sometime. God totally knows what He's talking about. :)

You guys, we had an AMAZING week last week with the Hills! Nearly $6,000 donated towards their adoption. I love to see that!

Let's see if we can do that again! Let me introduce you to the Hendren family. Theirs is a bittersweet and beautiful story involving the loss of a child and the new life of another. Grab a tissue. It's amazing to see God's hand at work here.

They are now officially Habtamu's parents and are going to get him in June or July! Let's pitch in and see what we can do to help! Donate here. And follow along on their blog.

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