Monday, June 25, 2012


Hey hey, everybody! Today is part infomercial and part educational... well, worth your time. I'm kind of wild about the Babycakes product line-up for a bunch of reasons. Ready?

1. They are created by one of our Give1 mamas, Chrissy Jensen, and I always love to support our little family. But this product is way more than a shout out because -
2. The products are all natural, nothing weird, carefully researched ingredients.
3. It's all designed to be absorbed into the skin, not sit all greasy on top of the skin.
4. Kids with sensory processing disorders or autism find the products to be tolerable since they aren't slimy in texture.
5. Can be used on boys or girls (or moms as night cream)
6. Prevent scarring.
7. Has even been used to effectively treat scalp ringworm if your child flat out refuses to take their oral medication. That's good info to keep in your back pocket, right?
8. They can be used by just about everyone. Chrissy is mom of twelve kids, with hair and skin covering the spectrum. She's seen it all. Babycakes is geared primarily towards ethnic skin and hair, though.

So let's get down to the educational bit. This post is a wealth of info coming straight from an interview with Chrissy where she answered all my totally dumb questions about how we might find this new hair and skin to be different, and still handle it's challenges confidently.

Before we talk style (that's a whole other blog), let's talk basics. Many of our children are coming from Ethiopia, as Chrissy's did, and her children's hair and curl patterns varied much between her kids born in the north and in the south. Wildly different. So no one thing is going to work for everyone. She emphasized that nothing is magic, not even the $45 bottle of fancy pants stuff. But generally, African hair is going to be very brittle and fragile and prone to breaking. When brushing, never brush dry. Let's say that again. Never brush dry. A little detangler or even some olive oil and water in a spritzer goes on first. Then brush gently from the ends to the roots.

Another bit of advice for you mamas heading to the pool. Their hair is like a sponge and will soak up whatever it touches first. You don't want that to be chlorine water or salt water. So get it wet first, even if you're using your water bottle! Also, consider using a swim cap if they'll go for it.

Chrissy's favorite products include:
Kinky Curly Knot Today for detangling
Tangle Teezer brush for short hair
Africa Sleeps sleep caps for sleeping, traveling long distances, and keeping in your purse for impromptu sandbox stops. Sand is also an enemy! She recommends gently using a vaccuum to suction out sand if you really need to.
And of course, Babycakes (mint) for moisture, and Honey Butter for styling. Just dab some on top of braids or twists to help hold in place.

Head on over and stock up for your little one. I just got a bottle of Clementine orange scented babycakes. Heavenly. Can't wait. Now I just need the kid...

So anyhow, thank you so much, Chrissy for chatting with me. Ladies, aim your questions at Chrissy in the comments section. She's a safe place to ask totally ignorant questions. She's been there too. :)


  1. Love this! Thanks for such a great resource! :)

  2. I absolutely love this stuff. I got some for myself to try first, because I have always had issues with dry/uneven skin on my arms, and it works beautifully! I got the Babyface for my momma, but I have been using it at night until I see her next ;) I will be getting it for myself soon! And I can't wait to use it for our kiddos some day...

  3. Totally sweet post! Thanks so much for sharing about our family and Babycakes!