Friday, June 1, 2012

Haiti By Hand


Hey all! If you need a little motivation to clean out this weekend, check out the site Haiti by Hand. They are collecting all your quilt scraps, as well as general donations to head over to Haiti. Some of those include chewable vitamins, towels, shoes, wooden beads, and lots of other stuff that you might have hanging around. Just head on over and look at the yellow box on the sidebar. Then just send your donations to:

Haiti by Hand
3333 Benton Road
Cedar Hill TN  37032

It's a good way to get rid of those old fabric scraps to make room for some new prints, too! You guys have a good weekend!

*on a totally unrelated note we're getting a facelift this week with a whole new look and a bunch of new bloggers (you probably already know them)! So if you're popping over this weekend and the site is acting funny it's probably because we're doing some crazy behind the scenes stuff. You'll love it next week! I do! 


  1. Oh I love this Beth!!! I have so much in the way of fabric scraps! Definitely going to go through it and send some. Thanks for always sharing your great finds!

  2. i love doing the research (ahem, blog hopping) ;)