Monday, June 4, 2012

New Africa Family of the Week

Good Morning everyone, and Happy Monday! Well, it's that time again, a fresh new week with a fresh new family. The Ponich family is adopting a sweet little toddler girl to add to the mix of boys. They'll be traveling this summer to bring her home for good! Could you help them out by making a tiny donation? Just a tiny little dollar? I can tell you now that Elissa advocates for every stranger that she 'meets' here on Mondays. Will you do the same for her? Thanks so much. Let's pound that donate button!

***So far, the Ponich family has brought in $722 towards their adoption. Let's highjack Facebook, shall we?***


  1. Elissa you have inspired me beyond words with your adoption!!! You have given me the strength to no longer ignore what God has put on my heart!
    So thank you and may God bless your journey!!!

  2. Beautiful video Elissa!

  3. Thanks Guys!! Can't wait to one day meet your new children!! Cinday you have been a great support and full of encouragement!! Looking forward to helping you on your journey