Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some Beautiful New Faces in the Give1 Family

You know, we watch videos and we see pictures and most of the time those darling faces are blurred out or they have a heart over them. We get it. It's necessary, legal even. But oh, when we finally get to see those faces!!! Guys, this is why we're here. These are the faces we've advocated for and prayed for. These are the faces of some of the newest members of our little Give1 family.

These are just a few faces. Just to serve as a reminder that they are all His and they are all ours. I love everyone of them! Don't you?!

Hey mamas, we have so many families to keep up with now (we're almost a year old, you know) that I lose track on Facebook, so email me with pics and updates if you want everyone to know how you're doing! We're dying to know!

***Don't you love it when I throw in random asides... Here's one. Give1 is branching way the heck out, but I can't do it all solo. I'm looking for bloggers to do a Give1 site for Asia, America, and Europe. The Caribbean is already getting started, so email me if you're interested in that one and I'll pass you on to the main blogger there. Tell your friends!!! 

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  1. AHH!! We met the Roepnacks at Yebsabi Guest House in Ethiopia!!! Oh my gosh!! It's so good to see those sweet smiling faces settled at home!! : ) Congratulations Roepnacks!! What a small world!! : )