Friday, June 22, 2012


You know what’s weird? Some people think I must really love kids. Or I must be a really awesome parent to want to take on more kids. Some kind of super mom. Super Christian. Most of those people have never met me in person.
The people that do know me think I:
  • have my hands full with two kids
  • am easily overwhelmed
  • hate noise 
  • despise babysitting (and actually other kids that I don’t know that well - sorry) 
  • rarely craft with my kids
  • sometimes give them frozen waffles for dinner (when their dad is working nights) 
  • often don’t remind them to brush their teeth
  • avoid going to public places for fear of mortification by offspring
And personally, I’m no saint. I have a tendency to:
  • be materialistic
  • be short tempered
  • get depressed
  • quit easily
  • spend too much time online
  • care too much about what others think
So you’d think that adopting another (maybe two, eventually) would be a stretch for me. But despite all my ridiculousness in the parenting department and personal shortcomings, I’m beyond thrilled to add another into the mix. 
Because I also have
  • a habit of telling my kids that they are loved (20 times a day)
  • a welcoming home 
  • a desire to grow
  • a generous and kind spirit
  • a tendency to snuggle
  • some pretty awesome qualities that make me a fun, loving, accepting, creative, and supportive mama
Sometimes we feel like we’re not equipped. Sometimes what you see online from me and everyone else is not the whole truth and we know it, so we feel unqualified in our weak moments. But we’re strengthened with a strength from above, and today, and this weekend, please remember that He’s with you the whole time, equipping you as you walk. If you are willing and you’re stepping out in faith, He’s there the whole time. There is a wealth of parenting advice from the ultimate parent if only we ask and be willing to learn. You got this, and so do I. Nobody's perfect, but you're going to be great. 


  1. Can I just say that I love you (in a completely non-creepy way)? Because you just said (by the power of the Holy Spirit) EXACTLY what I needed to hear... THANK YOU!

    1. oh, that's awesome. i love you (in a non-creepy way) too! honest blogging is way harder than telling you to buy more TOMS! yikes. i was praying that God would lead me to write from a true place so that someone might benefit. i'm so glad it hit the spot for you cause that was mucho scary!

  2. Loevd reading this!!! The enemy does a great job of filling our heads with garbage, and we begin to believe it. Thanks for posting this! :)

  3. I just stumpled upon your blog from "Team Forman." I could have written that myself. Nearly word for word. Thanks for sharing. :-) It's nice to be reminded we're all a bit imperfect. And it's particularly nice to hear that there is another mom that is adopting that doesn't really like other kids that you don't know well. I've been told several times by others that I should adopt because of that. But I assure them, I still should.

  4. LOVE this post! I feel the exact same way... and I am so glad you shared with such honesty and truth!! Really what I needed to hear today. :-) Thank you!