Monday, June 11, 2012

New Week, New Family

Photo: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! This is incredible Joe and I are still processing because this has been so awesome to witness that this is actually for Taylor and us! Just blown away and looking at our table ready to go to Ukraine with all kinds of stuff now knowing we are going!!!! WE ARE GOING TO GET OUR GIRL!!!!! All the glory be to God and again THANK YOU FOR BEING THE HANDS AND FEET OF GOD! We are just praying and trusting God will provide the second $5,000 grant from the donors work that it arrives in time! Good is so good and again thank you everyone! This is nothing short or a blessing from God!

Hey Guys! This is Taylor. Ok, she's obviously not African. We're breaking rules a bit this week because we need to (and you guys are so sweet, I don't think you'll mind a bit). You see, her forever family needs to get to her super fast and the funds need to be in place to make that happen. There's a back story that you need to know first, though. The Dewberry's were all set to adopt a young man a few months ago. They went through the entire adoption process, flew across the world to bring him home, and were then rejected by the boy himself. Obviously, they were heartbroken, but eventually started to heal. That's when they came across Taylor, who is in Eastern Europe. She's HIV+, something we are all too familiar with, but it's very much kept her from finding a forever family... until now. 

The Dewberry's were paper ready having just gone through an entire adoption process. She's ready and set to be picked up in a matter of weeks, and absolute MIRACLES have taken place this week to make that happen. We're in the very home stretch and I'd be honored to be a part of her story. How about you?! We really need to slam this donate button hard today.  The sooner the better because traveling is upon them and the travel bill is going to be a whopper as some kind of big deal sport thing is happening where they are headed (and rooms and food are like 10x the normal rates).

So far the Dewberry's have raised $24,161 towards their adoption (like in the last WEEK). Still need about $8K!!!

***If you happen to be adopting from Europe and want to be featured, normally we only do African adoptions and are in the process of creating a Give1 just for Europe... but we still need bloggers. Interested? The pay is zero and the hours are long, but it's a beautiful gig. Email me at b.cupitt(at)yahoo(dot)com


  1. We donated!! You can donate too!

  2. What a precious story! Happy to help bring Taylor home! :)