Thursday, June 14, 2012

Created to Connect Study Guide

So, if you're just starting out in the adoption world, no matter where you are adopting from, the go-to book for all adoptions is The Connected Child. The author, Dr. Karyn Purvis, is a kind genius who explains a million little facets of your gem in her book. But somehow I had no idea until yesterday that the book has a free Christian study guide. The book itself is not written from a Christian perspective, it's mostly just facts and possible solutions. The Created to Connect Study Guide was written by Dr. Purvis with Michael and Amy Monroe, to give scripturally based backing. I, for one, will be rereading! You can download your copy here

This video is one of a million helpful ones on the Empowered to Connect website. You have got to check it out. This site is an amazing resource as a parent or church worker starting up an adoption ministry. I'm totally hanging out on this website on the weekend. I heard someone (shout out to Island Lisa!) say that she hates weekends as an adopter. I can SO relate! At least I'll have something to do this weekend.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Beth! I didn't know there was a study guide either! What a great resource!!!