Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fun Care Package Ideas

So, is it me, or have the referrals been coming in like crazy?! And so many traveling families. I love to see it. With all these referrals and traveling comes a super fun right of passage... the care package.

I've heard a few bits of advice regarding care packages. One is to not send something too expensive or special as it may be lost, stolen, or given away. I've heard that the older kids, especially, tend to give all their stuff to their friends before they leave. So that handmade quilt that I know you are dying to see your child with... you might want to wait for the bring home trip on that one. Here's a few ideas that I've come across. What are you/ will you/ did you/ would you send in a gallon sized bag?

felt girls. A new take on paper dolls!
{maybe some handmade felt dress up dolls}

Under the Same Moon
{recordable story book}

{a sweet stuffed animal}

Your turn. What goes in the care package? Any wise words?

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