Monday, July 2, 2012

New Week, New Family

Good morning, guys. I hope summer's treating you well and the mosquitos (and children) aren't eating you alive. You guys ready for a new week? Let me introduce you to the Simpkins family. Actually, I'll let them introduce themselves...

A word from Mom:

I am a teacher. My husband is a self employed landscaper. Last year, God placed a burden on our hearts for Adoption. I always thought we would adopt—from China. I had no idea God was going to pick our hearts up and drop it in the eastern part of Africa—in Ethiopia.  I began sewing little girls dresses to help cover our adoption expenses. My little sis helps me paint canvases. I sell these on ETSY and have a page on FB. I have been blessed to raise several thousand by doing this. It is exhausting trying to squeeze the “crafts”  in to an already full and busy life with full time job and 4 kids…but it is worth every minute of it. When we finally get him home with us, the long journey to get there, the financial hurdles, the late nights up from sewing, the criticism from all of those who didn’t agree with our decision—it will have all been worth it. 

We are learning with every day that passes—we are fortunate to have been called to travel the adoption road.

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  1. I know and love this family so much. I can tell you if they only gave an ounce of their love to this child it would be oh so plenty.The love they have for their children at home know is undescribable. They and their children and a great part of our church. Please help them bring this precious child home to be loved and know family from Gods meaning of love and family.