Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thompson Family Update with a Giveaway

I've got an update for you!!! A bunch, actually. Let's start with the Thompsons.

Here's a word from mom, Desiree:

I had no idea what was in store for us as we started our week with Give 1 Save 1.  All we knew was we were longing to be reunited with our son, who we had left in Ethiopia around 2 months earlier.  And that this was our final fundraiser, after Give 1 Save 1 we were done.  We prayed that we would get whatever we needed but more then that share the story of our beautiful son and ask for prayer.  

Our week went well and we raised a lot, it was more then we thought and we were excited about that.  We also got encouraging emails throughout the week and people showed their support in prayer.  On Monday morning after our week was over we got the email of our life - we had been cleared to go pick up our son!  This email came exactly one year after we had applied to start our adoption!  And the amount we raised paid for our son's flight home!

Since then we have been home just over three months and we have had our fair share of ups and downs.  Lately there have been more ups then downs and we continue to grow as a family.  We really feel blessed and privileged to be Tariku's parents and we are grateful that the Lord chose us for this journey.  Thank you for being a part of our story and praying for us, donating to our adoption, and supporting us through encouragement.  Being a part of the adoption community is AMAZING - we are all truly blessed! 

I love updates, don't you? How about a few more? Pardon weird photo sizes as I'm pulling these off of everyone's blogs and facebooks and they're all different and I'm too lazy to do it properly on this rainy day. It'll be ok. 

The Krohns, our family of the week this week, were submitted to embassy today!
Photo: New pics of Nahome holding a family pic we took when we were there! Can't wait to get that boy home!

Wynne is living her personal fantasy dream while waiting to be submitted.

The Jacksons passed court. Meet Bruk.

The Waymans are home with Hayes.

And the Hadens are home with Shep.

Do you love that you had something to do with all of this??? I do too. Did you donate this week? I did too! If you still haven't, just hit that donate button over to your left. So far the Krohns have received $136 towards their adoption. Would you mind hitting facebook for me real quick? I think we can get that number up by about a thousand bucks if I know you guys.  I can't wait to see Nahome all settled in and hear his update! 

Let's do a little impromptu giveaway! You get three entries. Leave a comment for each one. You can win anything out of this shop by leaving a comment telling me you 
1. Donated to the Krohns
2. Shared on facebook
3. Tweeted about the family of the week

I'll pick the winner on Sunday night. Ready, set, go! 


  1. Way to make me cry right before I have to leave the house! LOVE all the updates!!!

  2. Love the updates!!! I donated and shared on FB :-)

  3. SO beautiful!!! We are rejoicing in the plans of our GREAT God!

  4. Love, Love, Love the updates!!! God is so faithful! I donated :) Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Posted on facebook about the updates and about giving to this week's family!

  6. I donated to the Krohns on Monday! So happy for them! :)

  7. Donated and shared--woohoo!!