Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sweeeeeeet Discount. Think Free.

Caramel LatteI've discussed Seven slings before. Love them. I never thought I would be buying one again, but alas, the time came and I got mine free + shipping. Yep, free. I tried it thinking "no way, not free, this is a trick", but no, the whole total was like $15. And if you need one (or a killer shower gift) head on over and snag yours too. I've been practicing babywearing with various teddy bears around here. Obviously this chick adopted as moms of newborns don't have abs like that, but I love the whole concept. The code is ucovers if you need it. The one I used last week was DISCOUNT2. Try those and see if you don't get an awesome sling. And maybe awesome hair and abs. I'm counting on it.

I get to try mine out on Jude on FRIDAY!!!! I'm totally squealing as I type this. So, tomorrow I'm headed to Africa. Some of the other Give1 gals are taking over (I LOVE YOU) and will keep this boat floating while I'm gone. Be good to our families of the week while I'm gone. Fight their fights for those kids! Have you donated this week? I knew you did. You always do. I'll keep you posted as well as I can from Ethiopia, but forgive me if we miss a day here or there. We'll get back to normal soon. I love you all so much and I can't believe we're finally here at this place. Can you believe it?! I'm thinking of you and I can't wait to tell you all about it.


  1. I'm getting a sling! Thanks for the info. I chose the black and white one. Which one did you get? I hope you have a great trip. How exciting :)

    1. I got the turquoise one, Northern Lights. I like the purple one too, though....

  2. AHH!!! Travel safe!! Enjoy every single wonderful moment!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *And thanks for sharing this awesome deal! :-)

  3. I'm so excited for you . . . tears fill my eyes as I read your posts!! I can't wait to meet Jude! :) Love you!