Monday, July 9, 2012

New Week, New Family

Good morning, y'all! How's your summer going? I'm over it. I'm ready for fall. Like seriously. I'm not a summer gal, which is unfortunate since I live in Texas and it's summer most of the year. But I'm starting to burn fall smells in my Scentsy warmer and daydreaming of pumpkin recipes and Christmas. My husband says I'm definitely peaking too early, but I disagree. 

Anyhoo, on to the family of the week. Say hello to the Krohns. They have already passed court, which is good news for you because now you can lay eyes on this beyond adorable little boy. Let me tell you a little something about this angel. He was on the Waiting Child List for about 2 seconds. I was one of the many people calling about this little guy, but this is the family that God had picked out for him. And it's been wonderful to see it all play out. And now I'm absolutely honored to play a little part in his story, and you can too. They've got one more trip to go and pick up Nahome (by the way, if you want to read the AMAZING story about that name, click here and you'll have no doubt that this was the family for him).


I would be pleased as punch if you would donate to help get Nahome's trip home. You can do that by donating your $1 right here. And then spread the word. Let's highjack Facebook today for this little guy. Seriously, look at that smile... 

***So far you guys have donated $10 towards Nahome's adoption***


  1. A dear new friend gave me the link to this blog. I'm jazzed about this. Have given to Nahome's home coming fund...asking God to pour out the dollars from the far reaches.

    1. awesome! i'm so glad you found us! thanks for donating!