Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Story You've Got to Know

This one is amazing. OK, so I'm catching on that the Olympics are sometime kind of soon, yeah? I'm not really much of an athlete or anything, and I don't really follow it most of the time. Sorry. So I really couldn't name a single athlete competing in the upcoming Olympics. Besides one that I learned yesterday. Lopez Lomong.

Lopez Lomong is an American olympian, a runner. He's originally from South Sudan, was kidnapped during a church service and forced to become a child soldier, escaped and ran to Kenya where he was rounded up with thousands of other 'Lost Boys', brought to America, and adopted as a teenager. Whoa.

So that's his amazing story. Here's some links for you:


  1. Wow. Amazing story! You always find the most amazing and inspiring stories, Beth!! I know who I will be cheering for this summer :-)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. Wow. I have subscribe to Lopez's blog and am excited to read his book. I have a special care for S. Sudan.

    You are much appreciated!

  3. Wow - thank you for sharing this!! What an awesome story! I'm currently waiting on his book to arrive to do a review on my blog. How wonderful to hear part of his story in advance......I will now be able to picture him and his voice as I'm reading.